The Stages of Pregnancy in 9 Seconds

Raise your hand if you think the stages of pregnancy are a bit bizarre. We’re raising them up high over here, and we’ve done the baby thing. Twice. Thrice, many of us. The idea that the human body is able to expand over the course of 9+ months is insane. And PS, we said 9+ because a full-term pregnancy can actually last far longer than 9 months, and that 10th month is brutal. (The doctors never mention that part.) It’s a wild notion that your body suddenly becomes a home to a teeny, tiny person, and yet, it happens all around the world every day. But as mind-blowing as the stages of pregnancy may be, it’s also incredibly beautiful. And it’s even more miraculous if you watch those 9+ months take place in a quick 9 seconds.

Leave it to the power of a time-lapse video to demonstrate just how amazing pregnancy can be. Created using profile belly photos of a woman from 4 weeks to 41 weeks pregnant, this video truly captures the miracle that is pregnancy. And trust as, this is the quickest, easiest (and arguably coolest) pregnancy stages video you will ever witness.

9 months in 9 seconds… Pregnancy Timelapse from Clayton Arnall on Vimeo.

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