Eerie Surveillance Footage of Paranormal Activity at Disneyland!

Rumors of paranormal activity at Disneyland are nothing new but now we’ve actually got proof. This eerie video of a ghostly figure wandering around the park at night originally showed up on YouTube in 2009. Thanks to reddit user _littlehell, who reposted it last month, the ghost caught on tape has become the subject of much Internet debate.

Doubters say it’s probably just the result of reusing the same videotape in the surveillance cameras, creating a double image. Although the spectral Disneyland visitor is a bit scary, he actually seems to be enjoying his casual tour of the Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America.

Fake or not, if you’re a paranormal activity buff, you’ve got to check out this incredible footage. Do you think it’s real or just some clever doctoring?

What do you think?