WOW. You Will Not Believe What Makes This Mini Pig Brave a Staircase.

We don’t know which is more adorable—watching Hamlet the mini pig navigate the stairs or hearing the sound of his tiny snorts! Keep Reading this post →

This is Next-Level Cuteness! The Show-Stopping Panda Baby & Mom Reunion is a Must-See.

Who can resist a baby panda? Not Us! Little Yuan Zai had to spend a month away from mom, Yuan Yuan, after being injured shortly after she was born at the Taipei Zoo. Their mother and child reunion take cuteness to the Keep Reading this post →

Pug Goes Green! If This Doesn’t Inspire You to Recycle, Nothing Will!

Earth Day will be here before you know it on April 22 and this adorable little pug is eco-ready! He truly lives a green lifestyle complete with carpools and recycling. If this little guy doesn’t inspire you to go green, nothing Keep Reading this post →

OMG Mom’s Sleepwalking! See the Shocking (and Hilarious) Video.

We’re not sure if this hilarious video is the real deal—but if you’ve ever encountered a sleepwalker they can do some pretty crazy things. Hopefully this mom has forgiven her son for putting her nocturnal misadventures on YouTube for the whole world Keep Reading this post →

Unconditional Love Supersized! We Can’t Imagine a Better Welcome Home for a Military Dad.

Few things are as heartwarming as the sheer delight of a dog welcoming his dad home from a tour of duty. Emmitt Thunderpaws lives up to his name, giving his military dad a huge bear hug! We defy you to not shed Keep Reading this post →

A Bear Cub Trapped a Garage Door? You’ll Be Astonished When You See How He Gets Out!

When this bear cub found itself trapped atop a homeowner’s garage door, it had to find its own way down. You won’t believe how he did it. Meanwhile, Mama Bear came to rescue her adorable cub. Sort of… She seemed to be Keep Reading this post →

How Does a Dog Soothe a Crying Baby? You’ve Got to See it To Believe It!

This sweet little dog was willing to share his cookie, not once, not twice, but three times, to appease this crying baby. Talk about mother’s little helper! Share the cuteness! Keep Reading this post →

We Were Shocked When We Saw What This Dad Did to Make His Baby Cry…Gross!

Yuk! This little guy is literally scared to tears by the loud pop of his daddy’s flatulence. Although amused by the incident, Mommy comes to the rescue, suggesting this is not an unusual occurrence. So sorry mom—but we love it! Please Share! Keep Reading this post →

OMG! You’ve Got to Hear This Talented 2-Year-Old Sing Like Adele!

A sweet rendition of Adele’s Someone Like You. This two-year-old puts her own spin on the Adele fan favorite, even changing the lyrics. Share this adorable video with friends and family! Keep Reading this post →

This May Be the Cutest Kitten in the History of Kittens. Seriously, You’ll Be Smitten!

We challenge you to find a cuter, crazy-faced kitten in a more adorable fluffy, pink world. Share this video with friends and family. Keep Reading this post →