Es la hora del baño para este gato! Escuche el sonido que hace.

We all know cats hate water, but this poor tabby is so horrified by the prospect of bath time, he seems to actually be screaming, No! No! No!. We died laughing! Please share this hilarious video! Keep Reading this post →

Caught in the Act! We Had No Idea Cats Were Capable of This…

This mischievous little cat burglar sure is determined. We couldn’t decide which was more hilarious; his obvious delight as he carefully rifles through the drawer or the his adorable, guilty little face when he’s caught in the act. Please share! Keep Reading this post →

This May Be the Cutest Kitten in the History of Kittens. Seriously, You’ll Be Smitten!

We challenge you to find a cuter, crazy-faced kitten in a more adorable fluffy, pink world. Share this video with friends and family. Keep Reading this post →

La Voz Increíble De Un Chico De La Calle

Este niño del video es un chico en situación de calle, es decir, un homeless, una persona sin hogar. Pero esa difícil posición en la que le ha puesto la vida, no le impide compartir el don de su voz Keep Reading this post →

Wait Till You See What Made This Baby Cry…Too Cute!

Who knew bubbles could make bath time worse? This lovable little girl is not a fan. Keep Reading this post →

What Happens When a Kitten Meets a Hedgehog? You’ll Never Guess!

We love kittens and we love hedgehogs…but a kitten and a hedgehog? Cuteness overload! If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will. Please share this video! Keep Reading this post →

When We Saw What This Cat Did With This Baby, It Blew Our Minds!

This kitty is out to prove that old wives’ tale about cats smothering babies wrong! She’s definitely a caring nurturer who knows how to keep her claws in check. Keep Reading this post →

Anyone Who’s Ever Been Bullied Needs to See This Now!

WKBT anchor Jennifer Livingston’s response to a particularly nasty viewer letter about her weight is a wonderful example of how to handle a bully—for kids and adults. We love her moxie and we hope her message makes bullies think twice about their Keep Reading this post →

We Were Mesmerized When This Deaf Baby Heard His Mother’s Voice for the First Time. See What Happened Here!

This 8-month-old was born deaf and his reaction when his cochlear implant is activated, and he hears for the first time, is absolutely priceless. It’s a wonderful reminder of all the good things in the world. Please share this video! Keep Reading this post →

Welcome Home! See What Happens When This Military Mom Surprises Her Daughter.

Eleven-year-old Brianna Staub got the best birthday present ever when her mom, SSG Kristina Staub—who had been deployed in Afghanistan—made a surprise visit to her school. Cue the tears! And share the love! Keep Reading this post →