This Man is Seriously the Best Boyfriend EVER! Wait Till You See What He Got His Girlfriend…You’ll Melt!

What a great guy! After his girlfriend’s 10-year-old beagle B.B. passed away, he got her the one thing that might make her loss a little less painful. A wriggly, little baby pug puppy! We laughed, we cried, we loved it! Please share! Keep Reading this post →

Brian Williams is Smart, He’s Dashing…But Did You Know He Could Do This?

By day he’s a distinguished NBC News Anchor. But on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams busts out the gangsta rap. We love this rendition of The Sugar Hill Gang classic, Rapper’s Delight. Please share! Keep Reading this post →

Watch This if You Love Giggling! You Can’t Miss This Super Cute Toddler and Kitty Wrestling Match!

Aside from the incredibly infectious giggling throughout, we can’t get over how this kitty plays so gently with her little toddler buddy. No claws! Please share this video! Keep Reading this post →

Such an Unbelievable Story! This Explosive Sniffing Dog Was Lost During a Firefight in Afghanistan for Over a Year. This Happy Ending is a Must-See!

It’s mind boggling to think that this brave explosive sniffing dog was lost in war-torn Afghanistan for over a year. She was separated from her Australian handler during a firefight. Incredibly, she was found 14 months later—healthy and delighted to be reunited with Keep Reading this post →

8-Year-Old Akshat Singh Performed on ‘Ellen’. Wait Till You See What He Did!

Akshat Singh came all the way from Calcutta, India to perform on Ellen. It’s clear why this 8-year-old semi-finalist on India’s Got Talent has become an Internet sensation. He’s got some serious swagger! Please share this awesome video! Keep Reading this post →

An Armadillo Dancing to ‘Billie Jean’…Now We’ve Seen Everything! This Too Funny!

How does one add a little flair to the run-of-the-mill ‘armadillo gathering leaves’ video? Set it to Michael Jackson’s timeless classic Billie Jean of course! Please share this video! Keep Reading this post →

You Will Die Laughing When You See Where Wally the Squirrel Hides His Nuts!

It’s hard to decide which is more hilarious—how earnestly and carefully Wally is trying to bury his nuts in Jax’s fur, or how Jax is only mildly curious about all of the activity going on around his hindquarters. Please share this video! Keep Reading this post →

If You Thought Miley Cyrus Twerking at the VMAs Was a Showstopper, You Won’t Believe This Oscar Winner’s Moves!

Just when we thought she couldn’t possibly get more fabulous (or ageless)! While being honored as Woman of the Year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding, the stunning and multitalented Helen Mirren shows us she can twerk it with the best of them. Keep Reading this post →

If You Thought Cats and Dog Were Natural Enemies, This Ingenious Rescue Kitten Will Change Your Mind.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, along comes this ingenious little kitty who’ll stop at nothing to free her doggie pal. Nonstop cuteness! Please share! Keep Reading this post →

Un adorable labrador amarillo se acerca tierna y lentamente a un pequeño con Síndrome de Down. ¡Espera a ver lo que pasa luego!

Si no eres una amante de los animales, sin duda alguna después de ver este video lo serás. Es simplemente electrizante y hermoso observar cómo es que gentil y tiernamente, Himalaya, el labrador amarillo, se aproxima al pequeño Hernan, un pequeñín Keep Reading this post →