Who’s the guilty Chihuahua? One of these Chihuahuas is very sorry for eating a crayon, while the other seems to say, “It wasn’t me!”

Can you spot the guilty Chihuahua? These two Chihuahua pals couldn’t have more different reactions when they get the third degree from their owner about a chewed up crayon. The prosecution rests its case! Keep Reading this post →

Is this the ultimate dog shame? See what happens when Mommy leaves this dog alone for 10 minutes—hilarious!

There’s no denying the evidence when this misbehaving pup gets caught red-pawed. We love his wrinkled brow as he gets the third degree from his Mommy! He really looks sorry, too! Keep Reading this post →

My, what big noses you have! This sweet boxer makes a whole herd of new friends. The black cow looks like she wants to play!

Watch this sweet boxer pup get greeted by a herd of cows. We love how they all gather ‘round to get in a sniff, and how calm the doggie remains the whole time. Keep Reading this post →

This toddler is having too much fun dancing to “Oppa Gangnam Style!” Wathc what happens when a little girl tries to stop him!

We love it when kids have no inhibitions, like this Korean toddler dancing to “Oppa Gangnam Style.” Even his little friend can’t stop him from busting a move! Keep Reading this post →

This dancing Chihuahua will make you want to take Salsa lessons. Seriously, he really loves to shake his hips!

What makes a dog want to dance? For this Salsa-dancing Chihuahua, life’s just too much fun to sit still! Keep Reading this post →

This poor dog just wants to nap in his chair, then a deer comes along and scares him right out of it!

Poor Maymo just wants to nap in his favorite chair. Then a deer comes along and ruins everything! See what happens when this cute dog gets scared by a deer head. Keep Reading this post →

We can’t get enough of videos of our military men and women reunited with their pets. Check out how Buddy the beagle reacts when his daddy gets home!

Poor Buddy the Beagle sure missed his daddy! Look how he reacts when his military dad comes home. His mom doing the filming couldn’t help but tear up, and neither can we. Keep Reading this post →

Who needs dog toys when you’ve got a lemon? This beagle puppy playing with a lemon is OMG cute! Love his reactions when he gets a taste!

This cute beagle puppy playing with a lemon is just painfully cute! Watch his reactions when he gets a taste of the sour lemon—not like that stops him from attacking it again! Keep Reading this post →

This 6 year old wows the Britain’s Got Talent judges with her fantastic rendition of “ Somewhere Over the Rainbow. ” Even Simon loves it—amazing!

Wow! Little Connie Talbot’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent blows away the judges. Even sourpuss Simon Cowell loves her acapella rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”—and you will too! Keep Reading this post →

Check out this crying contest between a newborn and a husky – we’re not sure who’s winning!

Huskies are among of the most vocal of dogs, and this husky seems determined to win the crying contest with his newborn companion. Wonder who’s whining—oops, we mean winning! Keep Reading this post →