There’s not a baby gate made that can keep her in! Check out how fast this baby escape artist makes a break for it.

This baby escape artist makes quick work of the baby gate designed to keep her from going upstairs. Eat my dust! Keep Reading this post →

Cuteness overload alert! This baby elephant loves cuddling with his human friend! You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Under the watchful eye of Mom, this adorable baby elephant wrestles and cuddles with his human friend. That might be a little tricky when he gets older but for now, it’s pure cuteness! Keep Reading this post →

This gentle baby orangutan wants no part of the human counterpart trying to steal her milk! But look how sweet he is in keeping it away from her.

We love how gentle this sweet baby orangutan is when a baby human tries to steal her milk. She just turns away as if to say, “Go get your own milk!” Keep Reading this post →

Oh dear. Things just don’t go quite as planned in these cute baby fails. Glad nobody got hurt!

Fall down 9 times, get up 10 might be the motto for this cute video of baby fails. Which one is your favorite? Keep Reading this post →

A esta pequeña bebé le encanta Beyoncé !!! Mira su baile. ¡Muy lindo!

If he liked it he should put a ring on it! This baby dancing to Beyoncé’s hit, “Single Ladies” is about the cutest thing we’ve seen all day! Keep Reading this post →

Her hips don’t lie! This little girl channels her inner Shakira, and she’s got all the right moves! We see a star in the making!

Just the mention of the name “Shakira” gets this little baby moving her hips like the Colombian superstar. I wish I could shake my *ss like that! Keep Reading this post →

Oh my, this sleepy baby is really fighting to stay awake! Wonder who wins?

He may be fighting it, but this sleepy baby just can’t keep his eyes open, or even sit up straight! We love his patient older brother, too. Keep Reading this post →

Cuteness alert! We dare you not to smile when you see this video of the top 10 laughing babies on YouTube. The quadruplets at 1:38 are our favorite!

Is there anything sweeter than the sound of laughing babies? Try a whole bunch of them! We love this compilation of the top 10 laughing babies on YouTube—but how do you get 4 babies to all laugh at once?! Keep Reading this post →

We should all wake up in such a good mood! This baby wakes up dancing and joins in with her big sisters!

Seriously, I wish I could wake up that happy! Check out this LOL video when a cute baby wakes up dancing to Herbie Hancock—she doesn’t miss a beat! Keep Reading this post →

This absolutely beautiful husky doing trick is so well-trained, and a lot more obedient than my two-year old!

This gorgeous husky doing tricks proves just how smart and obedient dogs can be. We love his two different colored eyes—just stunning! Keep Reading this post →