This dreaming puppy sounds like a squeak toy! Soooo cute!

It’s cuteness overload alert once again, as this dreaming puppy squeaks and growls in his sleep! You must hear him! Keep Reading this post →

Babies need a bath after their first birthday cake – what a mess!

Seriously, these babies eating their first birthday cake create more mess than we thought humanly possible. Note to parents: No more blue icing! Keep Reading this post →

This cheetah and dog are best friends: Watch their sweet story!

In another heartwarming tale of mismatched animal friendships, this cheetah and dog share an unbreakable bond. Watching them play is pure joy! Keep Reading this post →

Aww, sweet! This English bulldog just wants to give baby a kiss!

This curious English bulldog is trying so hard to greet the newest member of his family—with a big sloppy kiss! We hope the baby’s parents don’t mind a little drool! Keep Reading this post →

These animals playing in snow are a delight—even the cats like it!

This video of animals playing in snow cracks us up. Love their inhibition—even the cats seem to love it! And check out the “skiing” dogs! Keep Reading this post →

Animals screaming like humans? No, it’s not dubbed—they’re real!

This video of animals screaming like humans first had us thinking the voices were dubbed. But no, that’s really how they sound! Who knew frogs were so vocal! Keep Reading this post →

Gorilla playing knock-knock with a little boy

We’re not sure if he’s bored or curious, but this gorilla playing knock-knock gives a little boy and his family a thrill. Keep Reading this post →

Need a cuteness break? Check out this compilation video of cute dogs doing what they do best. We love the snoring boxer at 3:12!

Who doesn’t love seeing animals being adorable and funny? Let this video of cute dogs brighten up your day a bit, and share the love! Keep Reading this post →

This baby wakes up dancing to Gangnam Style and her sister cracks up. 12 million hits and counting and it’s still hilarious!

Sound asleep, until her favorite song comes on, that is! This joyful baby wakes up dancing and her big sister laughs so hard she’s practically in tears. Pure love! Keep Reading this post →

See what lengths this devoted dad goes to in order to get his baby to sleep. Once he’s in, there’s no getting out!

This devoted dad will do anything to get his baby to sleep, even if that means climbing into the crib with her. But getting out of the crib once she’s asleep? Well that’s another story. Keep Reading this post →