Rottweiler gives baby kisses!

Aww, this Rottweiler loves the baby of the house so much, he wants to cover him in kisses! And you won’t believe this baby’s reaction…so sweet! Keep Reading this post →

The funniest babies caught on tape

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Cute dogs waking up owners

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Fussy baby eats to Gangnam Style

Any parent knows how tough it can be to get a baby to eat, so watch as this cutie pie chows down his food with a little Gangnam Style! We love it. Keep Reading this post →

Poor dog thinks kitty is dead

We know that dogs are masters at playing dead, but in this case it’s a sneaky kitty doing an Oscar-worthy acting job. Watch what happens, hysterical! Keep Reading this post →

Eat, pray, love…baby style!

This gorgeous four month old baby associates eating with holding her bottle; so that every time mom feeds her, she cups her hands in prayer position (like holding the bottle!). So sweet! Keep Reading this post →

Two month old says, ‘I love you!’

We cannot believe our ears! Watch as this adorable two month old baby tells his mother he loves her! What a smartie! Keep Reading this post →

Super kitty saves child from dog attack!

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Ready for Funny Babies Part Three?

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Funny baby flatulence then laughter

This little guy has a bit of gas. But given the laughter that ensues after he passes it, this does not seem to bother him in the least. Cute little fella! Keep Reading this post →