Six minutes of hilarious babies

We’ve got your six minutes of baby comedy coming right up. Go ahead and take that break, these babies will have you giggling away all that work stress. Keep Reading this post →

Rockin’ Bon Jovi baby

Can this baby’s rock star face be any cuter? Watch as he scrunches up his face and grooves out to dad playing Bon Jovi’s classic on guitar. Rock on, little guy! Keep Reading this post →

crib dancing duo celebrate

This funny dancing duo sure knows how to celebrate good times and on the best type of dance floor…a cushiony crib! Of course the girl is a much better dancer, while the boy just wants to mosh! Keep Reading this post →

Twin baby food fight!

These adorable (and hungry!) twins are sure territorial with their food. Watch as a food fight breaks out right in the middle of the kitchen floor. Keep Reading this post →

“Funny Kitty!” thinks baby

Baby thinks kitty is hysterical. He’s never seen anything like it and kitty is putting on the show of its life. We would, too, if the only audience member in the room was as cute as this baby! Keep Reading this post →

Baby boy sings Lady Gaga

We have found Lady Gaga’s youngest fan ever. Watch as he sings ‘Poker Face’ with all the earnestness in the world…aww such sweetness! Keep Reading this post →

Baby wakes up happy to Bruno Mars

Boy, do we want to wake up as happy as the kid does when he hears Bruno Mars singing. What a happy baby! We’re changing our alarm clock wake-up tune to this song right now. Keep Reading this post →

Baby argues with (bored!) dog

This baby sure had a bone to pick with the family dog. And while baby is as riled up as an attorney in court, this poor pooch just seems to want to take his nap already! Keep Reading this post →

Dogs and babies trying to communicate!

There is undoubtedly a special bond between babies and their dogs… Watch how these funny dogs and babies communicate with each other in their own special way (even if we can’t understand them!). Keep Reading this post →

These twin babies just love Johnny Cash!

All you Johnny Cash fans out there are going to love the sight of these twin nine month old babies rocking out to the legendary country music singer’s tunes. Keep Reading this post →